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Posted on 2007.10.09 at 18:06

so...i never write in here anymore.
 but in case anyone cares to know my life is going really great.
its hectic and stressful, and great.

i'm working and going to school and living with dallas.

which is great. he is my best friend and i couldn't pick anyone better to live with.

just an update.

Posted on 2007.04.11 at 11:44
Current Mood: gloomyhopeless.
why isn't this year over yet?
i haven't done anything.
the only thing i have gained is a disdain for my roommate and an absolute hatred of the asian girls next door. they never sleep and keep me up all night in addition to making gross food that makes the whole hallway smell like garbage.
i have made (and kept) some good friends. but none of them live far enough away that i won't be able to see them when this year is over.
i'm not learning anything, i'm not accomplishing anything. i'm living off of my parents. i don't feel like an adult. and i don't know what i want to do with my life. nothing strikes my interest the way it should. and if it does it has no real world purposes. i don't want to end up with a degree i can't use.
i don't want to be here anymore. i can't.

Posted on 2007.02.12 at 00:50
Current Location: my stupid dorm room
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: stupid silence
why does everyone like college so much?
was there some secret "how to make these four years the best of your life" meeting at orientation that i missed out on?
cause i don't get it.
i can't like it.
i can't connect with people like i want to.
i just don't know.
i don't.
i want to go home.
i'm done.

Posted on 2007.02.04 at 02:42
ieve never posted drunk before
but i am now
so there.
i love alcohol
and tacoma
and my freinds
the real ones

Posted on 2007.01.31 at 00:35
Current Location: herman dune - show me the roof
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
uhhhh i miss my friends.
i want to sleep until summer.
i want to be in tacoma. and have lots of friends there.
and to get calls from people who want to do something.
and i want to meet everyone and go run around at owens beach without shoes.
and get a slurpee.
and listen to tribe in dallas's truck.
and spend the evening (to the morning) talking and drinking and laughing.
and smoking cigarettes on gracie's back porch.
or phils basement.
and i want to be sunburned and unshowered.
and i want to smell like sea water.
and have sand in my toes.
and i want to spend time with the people that i love and miss.

Posted on 2007.01.25 at 00:45
so basically, me and dallas just got into what started out as a really big fight.
but then we just ended up talking about all of our problems.
and we talked for like 4 hours or something.
and everything is out in the open now.
and i really feel like a weight has been lifted off of me.
this is the first time i have been happy, like genuinely happy, in a long time.
and i feel like im ready to change things.
pretending like you dont have problems is no way to fix your problems.
but now everything's talked about.
and im actually happy.
and i get to see him tommorrow.
and get a real hug. and a real kiss.
and everything is right in the world.
thank god.

Posted on 2007.01.08 at 08:35
what do you do when everything is falling to shit, and the only person who understands is hundreds of miles away?

Posted on 2007.01.07 at 19:09
i don't want to go back.
oh god.
and now he's gone.
and i don't know how long it'll be until he's back again.
college ruined everything.
i'm so depressed.
and i barfed this morning.
what a great day.


happy new year.

Posted on 2007.01.02 at 06:08
i cut my hair.
it looks really good.
and i did it myself.
michaela is gone.
i don't want to go back to school.
dallas and i are about to watch the dukes of hazard.
and then smoke a little.
you know how it goes.
i love my life right now.
but in two days everything sucks again.

Posted on 2006.12.30 at 07:12
i do not want to go to college anymore.
i want to do something more interesting.
college isn't cool.
at all.
there's a three year fashion marketing program at the art institute. that would be fun.
i'm good at having clothes.
that's about it.
i don't want to go to college.
the end.

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